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If you're attached, this year, the two of you can often be found out on the town or with friends. This year could be significant to your relationship. The emphasis on a goal draws you and your sweetie closer together. LEO makes you laugh. Your playful side emerges, allowing you to interact with more humour than usual. You could find others to be difficult with you for a short period, but because of your levity, they lighten up. Tonight: Painting the town red.

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Do not push yourself beyond what you can handle. Take in another person's request and consider whether you can fulfil it. In any case, you will need to stop and handle a personal or domestic matter. Tonight: Slow down at home. Examine what is happening around you. Know what you want, and be willing to continue at the present pace. Understanding helps you flow and flourish with another person's request.

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Charge ahead. Follow through on what is needed.

Tonight: Speak your mind. Be more connected to your spending by understanding your limits.

Venus enters Sagittarius

You could easily be tempted to go overboard. Walk away rather than getting more tied in. In the long run, you will be happier. Tonight: Recognize when a situation has gone too far. You bloom and experience a situation differently at this point in time. A friend or child could be quite inspired by your choices.

Be more direct dealing with this person. Recognize that fatigue might be playing a role in your day. Tonight: Whatever puts a smile on your face. Continue to lay back. What is going on around you might be provocative on some level. You know what it is you want and desire. Brainstorm with someone who is in the know. Many ideas pop. Tonight: Lie back. You feel on top of the world.

You might be eyeing a problem that surfaced today. You know you can and will handle it. Allow others to contribute to a project that you might be doing. Why not join friends? Tonight: Acting as if there is no tomorrow. You might want to rethink an issue that has been bothering you.

Out of the blue, you see a solution. Your willingness to discuss and brainstorm has permitted this insight. Tonight: Get into weekend mode. Basics do count, and you seem anchored. You or someone you live with could be unusually fussy and demanding. A new beginning comes from left field. You hardly know whether to jump in or check it out first. Tonight: Go for easy. You have a lot going for you, more than you realize. Being verbal could be more important than you realize.

Get back to basics. Make sure you are on the same plane as the other party. Tonight: Ask questions. You will learn a lot.

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You might note that you feel more possessive than you do normally. You wonder why you are proceeding as you have with this internal conflict. Try to deal with your possessiveness before it controls you.

Tonight: Do some shopping on the way home. You sense that timing is working for you. You feel empowered and energetic. If you have a difficult situation to deal with, make an overture to clear the air and find some common ground. The unexpected continues to open new doors and ways of thinking. Tonight: Conjure up a dream. Know when to pull back and do less.

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You could find out that somehow a certain situation or project is not developing as you might like. Have a discussion with an associate or partner and listen carefully. Consider all remedies but hold off for a while. Changes are lurking. Tonight: Make it a personal night. You might want to see a personal matter handled. However, you need to weigh the pros and cons. A friend does not hesitate to tell you what he or she is thinking.

Horoscope for Tuesday, August 27, 12222

You could be surprised by this person's suggestions. Tonight: Where people can be found. Take charge and deal with a boss or authority figure. Listen to what is being shared and work through an unusual suggestion. Know that an associate or friend might not be as steady or loyal as you might wish. Tonight: Take the lead making plans. Read between the lines with others. You might notice what is not being shared is more significant. You could approach this issue in several ways. However, do nothing until you are sure of yourself. Tonight: A child or loved one proves challenging yet fun.