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Sagittarius Horoscope: Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Dates Compatibility, Traits and Characteristics

Their mind reaches far ahead and sees the distant future, which cannot be understood by their surroundings. Always full of hope, but their very vivid imaginations often makes them take delusions for reality.

December 11 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

They proclaim their conclusions with great confidence, thereby making enemies — for people usually do not like having the truth told to them. Always very concerned about what they do, very decisive in their deeds. However, they do not show any legalism or orthodoxy in their views. When they have not enough self-control — nervous irritability gets the better of them, which can later lead to nervous breakdowns and illnesses. What should they be wary of?

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Life can be quite tense. There are just so many things to get hung up about. When somebody like you enters a room and makes light of certain things, people sit up and pay attention. People welcome the fact that there is a funny way to look at otherwise sober, serious, and often depressing situations. You can get so comfortable with this aspect of yourself that you start going overboard. You start stepping over invisible boundaries.

You might even end up hurting people unnecessarily. Lovers born on December 11th are very respectful to their partners. When they meet the right partner for them, they become remarkably loyal and affectionate to them. They are dedicated to their families and will do almost anything just to provide them with their needs. Your lighthearted nature and your natural optimism are quite intoxicating.

December 11 Birthday Horoscope 2018-12222

People seem drawn to you. Now, be very careful when it comes to your love relationships. You might end up assuming too much about your partner.

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This can lead to all sorts of misunderstandings and unnecessarily hurt feelings. People born on December 11th are people who love freedom. They are also outgoing and competitive. People born on this day are well suited to have a career in sports. Their determination will truly help them succeed in this endeavor. You can check out the life stories of writer Grace Paley and novelist Charles Palliser and get inspiration from them.

They are just two of the well-known individuals who share the same birthday with you.

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Your biggest challenge is the fact that you are so jovial and lighthearted that people might not take you seriously. This is really too bad because you have, as I have mentioned above, a competitive side. You want to be taken seriously. You want to be a contender. But the results are good. Passion-wise, however well you and a partner believe you know each other, Pluto inspires intriguing experiences.


Before you go out with friends, decide if you want a fun romance or a serious relationship with a secure future. The creative centre of your chart is at maximum strength so you can genuinely believe in your talent, and find a wonderful way to earn a living. Text a psychic. Max 3 per reply. You must have bill payers permission.